ENGLISH (poem)

My neighbour’s English speaking kid is polite and nice

My rich uncle’s kid is equally nice and polite

And I notice all rich men’s English speaking kids are nice

Unlike the hard raised local ghetto kids

Who use vernacular

So I ask an elder

And he excitedly responds to me:

You are so right! How wise you have observed that!

It is true: there is a way English humbles kids”

His last statement sorted me out best

No phrase would been more suitable

And yet more mysterious

So I am wondering about this mystery

How the heck is English able to humble kids?



THE VICE (poem)

For seven years now

For seven non-deliberate years

I still rub it

In-between the circle I make between my thumb and index

It all started like a reflex action triggered by instinct

I was just lying face down on our home’s sofa

Then it felt so enjoyable

I did it more- amidst the muddle of what I was doing

Then milk spilled out from the cow’s udder

I got scared- wondering if this was a genital illness

I cleaned up, and never told a soul

And that was the wrong decision

The vice continued for the next couple of days,

It then matured into a week

And then months became years

Up to now; making it seven years

It has not gone without a fight

But how can I fight that whose name I don’t even know?

This event just happened to me naturally

Before I had even learnt its name

Before I had even known that there was something like it

So with time I learnt what it is called


Then I prayed,


Programmed it with a calendar

Tried a hobby, and hobbies

Used all the means Google could provide for me

But this was an integral part of me now

Time reached and I just embraced it

And actually advocated that it was healthy

But my conscience does not agree with that

I have gone through all of the stages of this iniquity

Now I’m in the stage of muddle

That I don’t know what to do next.


FREDDY’S MISTAKE (short story)

That day, Freddy’s mother shocked him. Since he was in his holidays, Freddy was home and he watched a tenant for hours stealing some of the pop corn his mother had laid in the sun to dry. His mother returned from wherever she had gone and Freddy narrated to her about the incident so that they could be more careful about their property as even their temporary maid was untrustworthy. And that was the mistake;

After a few minutes, Freddy heard his mother outside in the compound scolding all of their tenants and revealing to the thief that Freddy had told her about what she had done! Freddy couldn’t have expected her to do this. She didn’t even consider how this tenant will start to loathe him? And indeed it happened- the woman hated him from then, and never replied to him whenever Freddy said something to her.

When Freddy argued with his mom about what she had done, she told him that she had been all along waiting for such an opportunity to scold all these tenants for taking her property without her permission. Freddy loved his mother very much even though she always returned his love with pain; so he left her in peace and didn’t probe her any more about the issue for he didn’t want to see her repentant or remorseful because of him.